Here are Some Paintings and Prints I have Done

Sunset at First Point  2010
Medium: water color.
Original painting price:  $2,028 Framed.
Prints available,Limited set of 100, $150.00 each.
Size: 15in/11in  Showing at Arrowhead Showrooms .

Showmans Engine, Stourpaine Dorset England, 2010
Medium: Watercolor
Only prints available,Limited set of 100 , $150.00 each
Size: 15in/11in

Sun Rise over Moors.Nantucket               Medium;     Watercolor.                           Original.       $1092.00      Framed.                     Prints available.Limited set of 100  $150.00 each     Size.   15in/11in                                                Hung at Arrowhead Showroom 
The Hub Nantucket.   2010.                          Medium. Watercolor.                           Sold       Prints available.Limited set of 250 $250.00each.
Gibbs Pond.Nantucket.                                                  Medium.Watercolor.                                                        Original.    $1248.00     Framed                                     Prints available    $150.00 each.Limited Set of 100.    Showing at Arrowhead Showrooms 
The Endeavor. Nantucket.             Medium. Watercolor. Original $ 5,250.00                  Prints available.  $250.00 each       Set of 250                                      Size; 29.5in/20in.
Lower Main St.Nantucket.  2010.                                   Medium. Watercolor.                                                                    Original  Sold.                                                             Prints      available.    Set of 100   $350.00  each                 Size;    30in/20in                                                                                   
Hardys, December.                                     Medium. Watercolor.                  Original.  $3,200.00                Prints available. $250.00 each.   Set of 250.                                  Size;21.5in/14in.                              Showing at fog island cafe.
Sconset Laundry ,  2011.                                 Medium.  Watercolor.                                        Original   $5000.00                            Prints available .  Set of 250.  $250.00 each.     Size;21in/14in.
NANTUCKET     ARROWHEADS                            
Brant Point,Nantucket.   2011                                 Medium,Watercolor.                                               Original  Sold.                                        Prints available, 2  Sets of   450                               Size,  21.5inx14.5in    $250.00                                     
Nantucket,Arrowheads,Artifacts&Tools. 2011           Medium,Watercolor                                                  Size,20in/30in                                                           Original,$11,900  Framed                                           Prints available, Limited set of 750.  $300.00 each.
Spend twenty years carefully searching Nantuckets Beaches,Ponds & Dirtpiles,                                                                                                 Collect over 1.000  Points and artifacts, Corilate the best selectiion of 64 pieces                                                                                                      for typical shape and color, and spend many a winters     evening                                                                                                                           reproducing  in watercolor.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
                     Centre of Main St,Nantucket.  2011.                          Medium,  Watercolor                                                                                         Original Sold                                                                                                                                                                   Limited set of  500 prints available  $450 .00each                             Size 40in/20 in
Some more Paintings and comissions from the past.
Bottom of Main St.Nantucket. Watercolor.  
Horses drinking font,Nantucket.Watercolor.
Sconset gateway,Oil,
Start of Orange St.Nantucket.Watercolor.
Oldest house Nantucket.Watercolor.
Miacomet Beach hut,Nantucket.Oil.1990 
Madaket Oil 2017 Original sold  
House on Monomoy Creeks,Nantucket.Watercolor.
Nesbit Inn&The Three Sisters,Nantucket.Watercolor.
The Endeavor at dock,Nantucket.Watercolor.
House on Monomoy Creeks,Nantucket.Watercolor.
Snow Covered Cottage,Nantucket.Watercolor.
Portrait Young Lady,Watercolor. 1991
East Brick ,Back Garden Oil 2016 .Commissioned 
Lower MainSt.Nantucket in Snow.6ft/3.5ft.
Old Mill Roof repairs. Watercolor.
Roses over picket fence. Oil.
Boat Portrait.Watercolor.
Scoset Post Office. 2011        Medium Watercolor.               Original Sold.                          Prints available,1 Set of 750    Size, 14.5inx21.5in                 $250.00 each.
Easy St.Dolphins,Nantucket.                                                 Medium Watercolor.                                                Original sold.                              
  Prints available,Set  750                                         $300.00 ea                                                                
Size 20inx30in                                                                 
Summer House Garden,Nantucket.     2012           Medium Watercolor .                                       Original  $5,000  Sold...                                      Prints Avaliable,  $300.00 each. Set of 450.             Size 20inx30in
Cut Mill,Hinton St Mary,Dorset.England.                   Medium Watercolor. 2012                                         Original $4,000.00 Unframed.                                         Prints Available, $250.00 each. Set of  450              Size 16inx24in      Picked to be shown @Royal Bath&West Show 2012 U.K.
"AMomentsPause"                                                    Medium Watercolor, 2012.                                        Original  SOLD!                                          
Prints Available, $150.00 each  Set of 450 .               Size 15inx11in.Chosen by Judges to be hung @Royal Bath&West Show,2012,U.K
 " Phesants on the Moors" Nantucket.                     Medium Watercolor, 1990.                                        Original SOLD!                              
Prints Available $250.00 each,Set of 100                Size 15inx20in.
North Wharf,Nantucket.2012.Medium Watercolor.Original Sold.                                          Prints available,Set of 250,size,29x17in.  $350.00each. Set of 250,size,8.5x14.7in$150.00
View of Murray's Main St.Nantucket.                    Original $6,000.00 in Frame.                                                                                 Showing at Fog Island Cafe, Nantucket . "Great Food!" 
Shell St.Sconset,oil,18"x20",Original sold,       Prints available,Set of 100  $250.00 each  2015.
Broadway St Sconset,Oil ,18"x24".             Original Sold   2016.
Sconset Climbing tree,Oil,2015                    Original $6,500   
Four hens. 2015.Oil Original $1,800.00    Prints available, Set of 100 $150.00 each 9"x12"  
Artist at work, Picture by Roger Vandenberg thank you !
Sconset Foxgloves,Oil, Original $3,500.00 2016   18"x24"
Nantucket Town roof tops,Oil, Original $2,600
Sconset Cottage and garden,Oil,Original Sold 16x20 2015
Brant Point ,Fishing, Oil,Original Sold,     Set of 100 Prints available at $150.00 each         19x10 
Centre St Sconset Oil,Original $2,600.00   2015 
Elbowed in Sconset,Watercolor for Owner
Light Ship Basket Painted on Door,with Shadow  and Hook
Crooked Tree ,Oil 2014  23x33  Original Sold  Set of Prints Available 
Madaket Heron,Oil Original Sold, Set 100 Prints    $150.00 each 
Binney Park,Riverside, CT.   Oil,18"x24",Original $5,000.00
Ploughing,30x40 Oil, 2003 . Not for sale 
Sturminster Newton Mill,Dorset England,            Oil ,40x30   Not for sale 
​Patience is a Virtue, Watercolor, Original sold,Prints available ,Set of 100, $150,00 ea 8.5"x9"
No 7 Broadway, Oil Original $4,800.00,              2015
Center St Sconset,Oil 2016 . Original Sold 18x24
House Portrait Commission Oil,2016.24x30 ish
"Barque"Oil,Original Sold  18x24. Prints Available $250.00 ea  Set of 100   2016
Great Point Oil Original $6,500.00  30x40
Clemetis Oil Original $5,250.00 30x40
Dory, Oil 2016 Original $7,000.00  24x30        
​Sandford Farm,and Wild Flowers Oil,2018 Original $8,500  2ft x 4 ft
Blue Claw Crab Watercolor, 2017  Original $3,000.00  Framed15x22  Set of 150 Prints $200.00 ea Showing from Fog Island Cafe
Black Bass Watercolor, 2017 Original $3,000.00  Framed   15x22   Set of 150 Prints $200.00 ea                                 Showing @ Fog Island Cafe 
Busy Bee ,Oil 2016  Original $4,000.00  18x24 
Quaise Beach,Mooring, Oil , 30x40 .                Original $7,000,00   2016.  
Squam Pond, Nantucket.  Oil  2016       4ftx.3.5ft                 Originl Sold    Set of 150  Smaller Prints Available  19x16.5 in .    $200.00 ea
​Two Hens ,Watercolor ,Original $5,000 framed      Set of  100 Prints available $250.00 ea   2017
Kens Lobster, in Memory of my father              Watercolor ,2017 . Original Sold                         Prints available Set of 150    $200.00 ea
Fluke, Watercolor  2017.  Originl  $3,000.00  Framed    Set of 150 Prints available   $200.00 ea     Showing @ Fog Island Cafe
Bird and Kettle,Oil  Original $1,750  2016   12x14
Sakety Light Winter ,Watercolor 8x11. Original    Sold
Storm Front Madaket 2016 Oil Original $6,500   30x40
Polpis Harbor ,Nantucket, Oil. Original $8,000.00           2ftx4ft    2017  Showing @ Fog Island Cafe 7 S Water St,Nantucket 
Sloop,Sconset Oil, 2016, Commissioned 18x24 ish
Dolphin Fish Original Watercolor $1,600 Framed           9inx12in   2017
Sankaty Light Oil 2017 Original Sold 2ftx3ft            Set of 150 Prints @ $250.00 each  16.5 x24 in 
Sconset rotary, 2017  Oil  2ftx3ft  Original $12,000                                            Set of 200 Prints 16x24   $220.00 each 
A Sconset Morning,Oil 2017 4ftx2ft  Original $16,000.00               Showing @ Claudette"s Sconset
​Striped Bass Watercolor, Original $4,500.00   28inx16in ish Framed.   Set of 150 Prints @ $225.00 each  24x16 ish    on white background        Catch it Showing @ Claudette"s ,@ Sconset Rotary. Best Sandwich in Sconset ! Turkey is Awesome !!as is  every thing else. 

Main St Snow Oil, 2017                              Originl $8,500.00
Nantucket County Fair Oil 2017, 30inx24in            Original $10,000.00                                                  Set of 100 Prints 16x12 3/4   $200.00 each 
Black bass Signed Print, framed by me and Planter of Herbs planted by myself , Donated to Blooming bids for Fairwinds @Bartlett Farms   June27 2018.  
Drinking font Main St ,Oil ,Will be Donated to raise funds @ The Quidley gallery around Stroll for the Marla Ceeley Lamb Fund 
The Pacific Club Oil 24 in x 36 in Original $10,500
Sconset Chapel Oil 2018, 12x24 in Original Sold                                 Set of 200 Prints available @ $200 ea 
Sloop Sconset Oil 
Set of 150 Prints 13 1/4 x 20   $250.00 each 
Siasconset Market,2018 Oil  24 x 36                        Original $13,000.00                                                     Set of 200 Prints 16 x 20  $220.00 each 
The Chanticleer ,Original Oil 2018, 18 x 36   $8,000.00          Set of 200 Prints @ $220.00 each  12 x 23 3/4 in 
Commission,Siasconset Casino, Oil 2018   24x36                                  Set 100 Prints coming shortly 
Sconset Book Store window with reflection of Rotary 2018 Oil 6in x12in                                    Original $1,800.00