Hello my name is Marcus Goulding I am a self taught artist originally from Dorset, England. I graduated from agricultural college and worked on several farms in southern England.  
    In 1989, during a trip to the United States, I visited Nantucket and decided this was the place to be. Since I arrived on Nantucket over 22 years ago I worked the carpentry and landscaping fields. But a more familiar site would be to see me sitting at my easel in town in the back of my pick-up truck painting.
    After selling my first painting from the back of my truck in 1991, I continue to paint Nantucket and English landscapes, commissioned house, boat  and animal portraits working in water colors and oils. 
Marcus Goulding Artisan
Young Artist Making a Start!Tempus Fugit!  Picture in Robert Gambee, Nantucket  >                         Early 90"s 
 2020 !